Georgia Intern Fellowship for Teachers (GIFT)

Founded in 1991 as a program of the Georgia Institute of Technology's Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics, and Computing (CEISMC)GIFT provides paid summer STEM internships in industry workplaces and university laboratories for K-12 science, mathematics, and technology teachers. Teachers spend 4 to 7 weeks experiencing first hand how industrial scientists and researchers approach problems, design experiments, interpret data, communicate findings, and develop and implement workplace solutions. GIFT offers teachers "real world" applications of the subjects they teach, allowing them to increase content knowledge and gain practical examples of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics applications for enriched instruction and teaching practices based on evidence-based experiences. Since its founding, GIFT has placed teachers in more than 2000 positions statewide.

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Summer 2016 Griffin-Spalding School System GIFT Participants

  • Kassidy Bynoe, Teacher, Carver Road Middle School

      Internship Placement: Georgia Tech CEISMC

  • Robyn Davis, Teacher, Carver Road Middle School

      Internship Placement: Sumika Polymers Compounds

  • Melissa Kelsey, Teacher, Cowan Road Middle School

      Internship Placement: Caterpillar

  • Amber Smith, Teacher, Cowan Road Middle School

      Internship Placement: Penco Electrical Contractors

Summer 2015 Griffin-Spalding School System GIFT Participants

  • Lewis Pulliam, Teacher, Spalding High School

      Internship Placement: Sumika Polymers Compounds

  • Thomas Stinson, Teacher, Carver Road Middle School

       Internship Placement: Caterpillar, Inc.

  • Robyn Walker, Teacher, Jackson Road Elementary School

      Internship Placement: Caterpillar, Inc.



Video features Griffin High School students who participated in the STEM Summer Internship Program at Candler Field Museum and Spalding High School teacher who participated in GIFT at Sumika Polymer.